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Follow me down the rabbit hole...

Welcome to The Rabbit Hole: my special corner of this site where I share my take on jewellery, fashion and the world in general.

Before I begin, it’s probably sensible to tell you a little about me. First of all – I’m not called Alice. My name is Fran and I am a massive Alice in Wonderland enthusiast. I own at least 10 different editions of the books and have seen the Disney (animated version) at least a thousand times. It was my favourite film as a child and to this day – I can recall the entire script. But as much as I love dressing up, Alice Jewellery is not about novelty pieces or cosplay.

Floral and Emerald earrings
Flower Garden Earrings

The connection with the brand and my designs is far more subtle. Alice Jewellery encourages the wearer to be true to themselves. To look deep inside and embrace the styles, shapes and colours that they love. If Wonderland is an expression of Alice’s imagination, then Alice Jewellery is an expression of mine – untethered by what’s ‘on-trend’ (although this is sometimes an influence) and what society tells us we should like and wear. My pieces and playful, bold and designed to be noticed. They all have a hint of something different and unexpected if you scratch the surface – this could be in the design, the name or the meaning – but none are simply what they seem.

As you can probably tell – I love the sub-text. As a literature graduate I am conditioned to find the hidden meaning and I take daily inspiration from other creators – in both my design but also my business approach. For now, Alice Jewellery is very much a cottage industry – but don’t be fooled…I have big plans for this little business. This sometimes feels like a huge task and can be a little overwhelming – that’s why you’ll often see insights and quotes spring up here and there from some of my favorite authors, philosophers, characters and fellow creators.

Clothing, and certain designers are also a tremendous source of inspiration for me and I absolutely love fashion. That being said – I have never been trend-led and am far more interested in wearing things that I love – in-season or not. As a general rule of thumb – I’d much rather be over- than under-dressed, and my best friends know that if ever there’s a fancy occasion on the cards they can be sure that I will rock up with a bejeweled frock and with new pair of impossibly high shoes.

D&G Strawberry Jewellery Set
D&G Strawberry Set

Certainly, I have been guilty in the past of consumerism and general consumption on an insane level. I’d think nothing of buying a dress for an occasion and never wearing it again. While I’ve always hated fast-fashion – in truth - my approach to buying quality garments was anything but sustainable. Having my son in 2018 forced me to look hard at myself and question the world I wanted him to grow up in. Fashion is the second biggest polluter in the world, and in terms of carbon emissions, is responsible for more than ALL international flights and maritime shipping combined. So – if you’re wondering what’s killing the planet – look in your wardrobe. The answer is right there.

But I do believe in a future where fashion can live in harmony with our planet – it’s a massive part of our global economy and a huge part of how we express ourselves. I genuinely believe it’s an artform. I believe it’s by tugging on this thread that we find the answer…by treating fashion as the ‘shiny, precious pebble’ we all believe it to be – instead of this ‘snap and trash’ click-bait fueling enterprise.

Both businesses and consumers need to be accountable – because supply and demand fuel one and other. This is one of the core motivations for Alice Jewellery.

Just like fashion, a lot of costume jewellery is perceived as incredibly disposable. Alice Jewellery brings you genuine gemstone, quality pieces that (if looked after) will last you a lifetime – and, if they don’t - they can be repaired. Jewellery also has the power to transform one outfit into another. Watch an simple LBD turn into a stunning evening dress with the addition of a statement earing and a dramatic hair style.

Finally – I make all my pieces – and also, take care to try and understand (as much as is possible for a tiny business like mine) the ethics that sit in my own supply chain – a principle that will stay with me as I grow. My goal is to turn Alice into a fully sustainable and ethical company – because I love fashion – and I want to feel comfortable about its place in this world future.

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